World War I anthology ed. Elizabeth Foxwell

This anthology presents first-person accounts by American women who served in World War I. Combating restrictions on the duties they could undertake, these women often faced discrimination, danger, and even death in their desire to serve their country, the men in combat, and the civilians suffering the effects of war. Their roles ranged from doctor, nurse, and relief worker to motor driver, fingerprint expert, librarian, reporter, singer, stenographer, and switchboard operator. Their neglected accounts of the time—drawn from letters, newspapers, books, and other materials and accompanied by photos and biographies—provide powerful and eloquent testimony on the cost of war at home and abroad.

In Their Own Words: American Women in World War I
Oconee Spirit PressISBN 978-0-9859107-7-8
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"Reading these letters I have never been more grateful to have lived most of my life in times of peace. The horrors of war are brought passionately to the heart and to the senses. Yet the selfless and inexhaustible courage of the women in this book set a beacon of such light I too want to excel, to be all that I possibly can. Could a book give any greater gift?"
             —Anne Perry, author, Reavley WWI quintet

"a vivid primary source of history . . . . especially recommended for public, community, high school and college library collections."—Midwest Book Review

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"American Women in World War I"


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About the image: Anna Perit Rochester (Smith grad, 1911) feeds
Sergeant W. B. Hyer, Souilly, France, 14 Oct 1918

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